Practice Games

So basically last season, a bunch of people were doing mutual competitions with each other for practice before the season started. Are people still doing them now and where is the location?

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reach out to local teams in your area, see if scrimmages are a thing teams around you do, if not then invite them to a scrimmage of your own.


That completely depends on your region and who is around you. I have a few schools around me, so what I do is message them on discord or Instagram asking if they would like to scrim, and then things just go on from there. There’s no set practice tournaments or anything like that - they’re just a lowkey relaxed meet up/scrim


August 6 at the Monroe County Fair! The event is during the day, and we’ll give your team free tickets to stay for the rest of the fair. Stay in Dundee, MI at “Splash Universe” Hotel (just 10 minutes away) and have a good time there, too.

But seriously, check and you’ll see what’s available. Early season events are often scrimmages, meaning that the don’t qualify for States/Regionals, but they can be some of the best learning experiences. If nothing else, crank out he current season’s trainer-build just to play the game with other teams in your area, learn the rules, and begin developing strategy for your own design.


I’m trying to host some unofficial scrimmages near Houston, TX within the next few weeks, if anyone is interested.

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