Practice makes...

…if not perfect, at least better. It also makes a pile of star parts. Like this:

Wait, how did you manage to tear a leg off of the stars?

The teams practice. A lot.

I’ve never seen one torn; just picked up, and either dropped or tossed over the fence. Early on, some drivers pushed them under. That almost never happens now.

This is a pile of 19 I think. Most stars have been repaired more than once.

Is this taken from EC3 (the carpark looks familiar) ?

If yes… will there be enough stars left for us when we are there in Apr? :stuck_out_tongue:

You got it; that’s EC3. And if Jason’s EC3 teams keep working through them at this rate, he may have to find more stars for your teams before you get here!

I know everyone’s looking forward to having you visit again.

Same for us, we just had to get a whole new field worth of stars. We use claws, but they still ended up in pieces. We fixed them as much as we could

Haha… yup. And I think all my teams agree that it was great fun last yr!

Think this year will even be more intense and interesting than last yr - 8065/8066 will be in the mix as well :wink:

Btw… what’s your team # this year?

I know Jason’s EC3 teams are looking forward to the fun. After a quick look at robotevents, It sure looks like 8065/8066 are in the mix. Nice.

The three high school programs at EC3 are Central Hardin 6135, John Hardin 2886, and North Hardin 4104. Each school has multiple teams.

I am just a mentor/coach there. Though I have a son on 6135K, I try to help all the teams. Jason Neagle (whom you know) is the real driving force there. ** He ** knows what he’s doing with those kids. He’s got 7 teams for 6135, 3 for 2886, and 3 for 4104. That’s a lot of work.

Jason is doing an amazing job over there. His teams are always so well trained.

This season I am pretty impressed with the skills ranking of the EC3 teams. They seem to be all charged up for worlds.

Singapore will be starting our skills season very soon. You should see more Singapore teams creeping up the ranking table :slight_smile:


we have managed to destroy all of our original stars, ripping some legs off also. We attemped to fix them, but they broke in another spot, 1 cm. from where it originally broke :frowning: We then proceeded to buy another set… These too got destroyed… We then proceeded to buy a half set… guess what happened? :slight_smile: #CantWinForLosing #MakeABetterGameKarthik

We have had similar issues. We have broken most of the original stars we had bought.

Throughout the season, even at big tournaments, they have a tough time with game objects. At the Indiana State Championships, stars were incredibly flimsy and broke easily. At the CREATE U.S. Open, stars broke there as well. I am just hoping that the stars at worlds are much more sturdy :).

We brought all our good (non-repaired) stars to states and lost them there… Whoops

We’ve had to repair our remainings stars 2-3 times each now

All of our original stars have broken by now. About four weeks ago we bought another quarter field set and half of that is broken now. We practice with taped up stars all the time. A lot of our original stars have actually been broken more than once.

think i spent more money on stars than motors this season.
oh wait… i don’t have enough motors too…