pragma error

We get this error when using a competition template but we haven’t changed anything.

Illegal #pragma ‘autonomousDuration’ definition

Which version of ROBOTC?

That line of code should look like this.

#pragma autonomousDuration(20)

It’s actually obsolete with the cortex and VEXnet, we removed it from the competition template completely for the next release.

by next release do you mean Version 4.52?

He means the version that is currently on beta now and will be released shortly. Probably to be named 4.54

Correct, I meant a “to be officially released in the future” version.

Anyway, everything should be forwards/backwards compatible so I’m not sure why it isn’t working for you if nothing has changed. Perhaps post the code in question (or the first few lines containing autonomousDuration ).

Copy and paste the competition template you are having an error with here along with a screen shot of the error.

I suspect it was the laptop we are using, think the copy of Robot C became corrupted. We opened the same code up on another laptop and it works fine. Will reload it.