Pre-assigned ports for buttons V5

My students are telling me that there are only certain ports on the V5 brain that can be used if they are wanting to use buttons on the remote control. True? If this is not true, why are they facing issues when they plug motors into other ports and the motors don’t respond when they use buttons?

That is not true. You should be able to plug V5 motors into any of the smart ports, and have them be powered via controller input. They may be having problems for a few reasons. First, when you plug a motor into a port, you need to specify which port the motor is in in the code. Second, if they are changing the port number in the code, the port on the brain may be broken. To check this, they could press “devices” on the screen of the brain, and try to move the motor with the graphical interface that shows up. If that works, the problem is in the code.


Take a day to review coding for yourself, then take another day to review coding with your students. They need to tell the robot what port the motors are in, the robot shouldnt be telling them

This is true if using the built in “Drive” program, however, untrue if writing your own code.
you can see motor assignment for the Drive program by selecting the “controls” icon from the drive screen.