pre-autonomous in easyC

I was wondering if there was a way to make a pre-autonomous function in easyC V2. I realize you can in V4 however I unfortunately don’t have access to that hardware/software:(.

what do you mean by “pre autonomous”? do you mean a comp. switch template that allows you to drive without going through auton first?

No not really, actually I have been reading some threads and they have been talking about how they display either battery voltages or select autonomous modes before their matches. I was wondering how one might go about doing this in easyC V2.

to display battery voltages your going to need an LCD, but here is a turorial on how to use a potentiometer to select between different auton runs. I am going to be making building/ basic engineering principle tutorials stytarting tomorrow and should all be complete within the next couple of weeks and my teams programmer is going to making some that go over all sensors (i.e what their used for, how to program them, etc.) Keep an eye out for those but in the meantime here is the one for the auton runs.