Pre Autonomous Usage

Hi guys,
My team and I are working on a ball shooting mechanism. We made an arm but in order to fit the 18 by 18 restrictions it has to be locked down in the beginning and then released. We thought about doing it mechanically but I was wondering what you guys thought about using preautonomous to start the arm motor to hold it in place, is that something that could be done?

Motors can’t be powered before the match, so you’ll have to do it mechanically.

I don’t really understand the mechanism you’re describing. I’m guessing the “arm” you’re referring to is different than the “ball shooting mechanism.” Is the arm for caps?

Don’t know if there’ll be anything you’re looking for, but here’s some random passive mechs for inspiration (not in any particular order): 1 2 3 4 5

Yeah they are the same thing guess we will just do it mechanically lol

In the past we have used a rubber band to hold a mechanism up with part of the rubber band attached to a wheel or other object that moved at the start of autonomous. When the robot starts to drive, the rubber band is released, allowing the mechanism to drop. This way its passive.

Another option is to have the mechanism sitting just past the balance point when the robot is at rest. Have the robot make a small reverse move before going forward. This reverse move, plus the inertia of the mechanism will allow it to drop.

And if your arm extends above 18", then you can not leave the expansion zone without a means to bring it back down under 18".