Pre-competition teaser

This was just a little teaser we did before our first competition saturday (crown point qualifier #1)

link text

Wow, looks pretty good. Can’t wait to compete with you guys at crown point :slight_smile:

Btw we’re open to constructive criticism. We do have a few things left to do like program the auton :stuck_out_tongue: make the intake so that its in the 18." And fix the lift alignment things so that it doesn’t go up crooked. And make the drive faster if we have the time.

Excited to compete with you guys two Michael…
Best of luck :slight_smile:

That hang is beautiful.

Hmm… competition for us on monday… no school until then… but that hang is so beautiful… I need it.

Honestly though, great job!

Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

Could anyone point me towards resources on building such a hinge? I have looked, and I’ve seen this type of design pop up everywhere, but I can’t find any close pictures or diagrams. Thanks!

Hinge? What do you mean?

I’ll try and remember to send some pictures to you tomorrow at our practice.

I believe he means the intake locking mechanism that we have. It’s basically the same as 8059D’s lock and i will warn you; it does have a little bit of slop in it so if you need something with zero slop then this probably won’t work for you. Unless you have the room to put on bearing blocks.

Is the hang (lock) passive or does it use a motor?

It is passive. We have an almost L shaped piece on the bottom of our robot so that when our robot hits the pole the L shaped piece is pushed over a bar that’s going across our lift; if any of that makes any sense :slight_smile: