Pre-Disney Scrimmage for MD, PA & VA Disney-bound teams!

Attention Teams in MD, PA and VA (and beyond)!- The Super Sonic Sparks (team 24) are hosting a pre-World Championship scrimmage on April 2nd in Westminster, MD. This event is open only to teams who are going to the World Championship. Many of the area teams will have a month or more of competition inactivity, so we figured this would be a great opportunity for teams to get together and hone their skills for Disney. There is no cost to attend. Space is limited, so be sure to sign up on Robot Events once the date is posted there. It will be a very informal, fun-filled day with lots of matches.

The target teams are MD, PA and VA, but teams from other states are also welcome if you want to make the drive. Just be sure to sign up!

I’ll have to ask my team if the would like to go, but other than that, I like the idea of a day of practice/ scrimmage matches before the VEX World Series. =)

Your coach/teacher already told me you guys would be there. It should be a fun, very productive day.

All the better. With the Mid-Atlantic Championship closely followed by two weeks of FRC regionals, we shouldn’t be too out of practice, but every little bit counts for those last minute ‘tweeks’ and fine adjustments.

YAY!!! another S^3 competition!! :smiley:

I’ll have to get the Twisted Botz there… :smiley:

We’d love for you guys to be there! I’m excited about this one! It’ll be cool to have an informal competition between some of the best teams in the area.


I have set up the scrimmage for registration in Robot Events, but it is not showing up in the event listing. I asked someone at RECF to look at it, so hopefully they will fix it very soon.

This is a reminder that teams who want to attend the pre-World Championship scrimmage in Westminster, MD on April 2nd should sign up on Robot Events. No charge to attend. It will run from 8 AM until 5 PM. if your team needs some time to travel that day and cannot arrive at 8 AM, we are very flexible and will work you into the schedule when you arrive.

One of our wonderful local Judge Advisers will be holding several “Judging Warm Up for the VEX World CMP” sessions at the scrimmage. This 30 minute workshop will teach your students how they can be great ambassadors for their team.

This day will be very informal with many matches against other Championship qualified teams AND and an opportunity to develop your team’s skills for the judging process.