Pre-Fabricated Gripper Arm

I think it would be nice if vex had a gripper arm that was already made and you just had to pop it on to your robot and there you go instead of having to build one or you could just have like a kit or something. cuz i know that it can be a pain to try to build a good one

Oops, I voted yes before I read it fully.

I think a gripper arm kit would be awsome. Include the parts required to make a couple of useful gripper arms (servos, gears, etc) and a few pages for the vex kit.

I don’t think they should offer pre-fab anything for Vex, it kind of defeats the whole idea of it… and reminds me of those stupid Bionicle Lego kits that could only be used for one thing because their parts were custom made.

Parts that could be used to fabricate a custom arm good. Parts with a detailed instruction list on how to put it together…bad. Vex is about being creative.

Bigger variety of Vex compatible parts (at more reasonable prices) + imagination = challenging fun! Pre-fab takes the imagination out of the equation.

i think what would be nice is a claw kit that incorporates a worm gear BUT uses not too custom pieces. like it still would have the square holes every half inch.

I think a kit with the peices needed to make the ‘claw’/‘gripper’ would be great but i don’t think it is a wise decision to just hand people everything (like a 'plug-‘n-play’ type kit

My Heathkit Hero 1 Robot has a working arm with a six degree of freedom wrist and gripper. I plan to build a similar arm for my Vex based Hero 2007. This arm can be trained with a teaching pendant and is able to pick up a can of soda and hand it to you.

You can check out photos of my Hero 2007 and Hero 1 robots using the following link: