Pre-Load Question

This is really random, but when you start in the Isolation Zone and you get two pre-loads, could you stick one in the 30" goal if it is still touching the robot?

And then maybe stick the other in your claw?

In the rules it says that an object is not preloaded if it is also scored. So no.

I did not see this in the rules, I might just be missing it.

However, the manual does say that objects are not scored if touching a robot of the same color, so to me it seems that it would be legal to start with the object in the goal if your robot is touching it.

I am referring to the definition of “scored” which says
“A Scoring Object is Scored in a Goal if it is not touching a Robot of the same color of the Scoring Object”

Look at <SG2> on page 10 of the manual.

I see, you are correct. I think I was looking at an older version of the manual.

Well it says that if you take away the robot and the preload is considered scored, then this is illegal. Meaning that you cannot do this. :slight_smile:

hmm, what if yo take the robot away, then the preload falls off (the goal) and is no longer scored? :wink:

The starting position is before the robot moves,
so preloads that occlude the goal should be ruled as not legal preloads.

It doesn’t (shouldn’t) matter what might or might not happen when you take the robot away.