are you allowed to take you alliance partners pre-load. I have an autonomous in mind but it all depend on whether or not we can.

No, you cannot.

You can pick it up if they leave it on their starting tile for you. That’s fine.

that sucks:(

If both robots are side-roller stash-bots, then the ally could “score” their preload onto your intake ramp.

That sounds like it would result in quite a few failed autonomouses

You stole my idea :frowning: Team 323X/Z are going to have some complimentary autonomous’ this year. The new 12A/B :wink:

Our robot was designed so any ball dropped on top of it goes into the intake. This allows our alliance to score into our robot if we are guarding a 24" goal that they can’t get to. It also reduces the chances of us losing bucky’s bouncing over the bump.

Everyone should consider this if they have multiple teams. Paired autonomous modes might not be much use at Worlds, but at local competitions you can do really well.

Agreed :wink: That is how 12A/B worked. They teamed up almost every competition and blew the house away. Hopefully we can do the same :wink: