This video has some nice scoring, but did anyone else notice that the flywheel robot shot 5 pre-loads?

I assume we get 4 pre-loads each, not 8 that can be divided up in any fashion?

I believe the rule is 4 pre-loads. It was probably just a mistake. Good launching though! :slight_smile:

Yeah probably a mistake, according to the manual:

So each robot is give 4 balls to preload, balls unused by the robot go into driver control loads. :slight_smile:

The second ball they shoot misses and bounces back into their intake.
Lucky miss :smiley:

The accuracy is amazing!

Wonder how’s their robot skills scores…

Looks like a LOT of balls go rolling off. We might need/want a net to catch the missed shots. Or at least a box to put them in and someone to catch them.

The driver loading for the elastic robot seems completely illegal though (ball is outside of the loading zone, given velocity backwards instead of placed).