Pre-match changes

Say I have a cap fork that deploys in teamwork matches. Am I allowed to change the robot slightly to lock the cap fork from deploying during robot skills, such as using a zip tie?

As long as the zip tie is the same specs as those sold by VEX.

do you mean, are you allowed to alter your robots position during autonomous?

Good point - you can only make the change before the match starts…

I think this is what the question was, reworded:

Say I have a cap flipper that deploys during the match. Am I allowed to change the robot slightly to stop the cap flipper from deploying during autonomous?

if that was indeed what@randomguy meant then no, you cannot. you may do so before you place your robot on the field, that is fine, just not after the match has begun.

Actually, my interpretation is can I have a flipper for regular match and then tie it down for skills - but that does not make sense either :wink:

lol precise wording is very important to what your question is…

we do our best to help…

wait I think I understand. I think you’re interpretation is correct, in which case, yes you can alter your robot whenever you want, as long as it isn’t during a match, and as long as it can still pass inspection.

thanks for the clarification guys! I asked this because I wouldn’t be using my cap fork during skills and it would get in the way.