Pre-Orders for next year's game?

I would like to see a pre-order process set up for the next year’s game so that once it is announced, the teams can have the new game shipped as fast as possible. It may shift the price determination a few weeks back.

This would also get Vex/IFI some more information for determining demand of the new game and sizing an initial order. Reminds me of the Harry Potter books pre-order process…

Yes, I’d love to have a set. I’m making a tour of the Delaware Schools, having game parts in hand would be an amazing sales tool for starting new teams.

It would be amazingly helpful to have the parts within the first couple days of the season starting.

Both for recruiting new members by showing them the goal they are trying to acheive in a more hands on format than just reveal videos and in preparing designs.

Don’t they usually sell the starter kits at Worlds? I was bringing a spare $80 to get one.

i think they were talking about everyone else that wont be at worlds
the shipments usually dont take place until sometime after

Well, sure. I would pre-order a complete field if the opportunity presented itself.

I was just checking if what I thought was correct.