Precise ball grabbing and storing design?

We have an assignment for class where we need to run a course made by the teacher. In one of the segments we drive into a dark box and must use a camera to see what our robot is doing, as well as a flashlight so we can actually see what we are doing. There will be six balls in a 2x3 formation in a corner of the box, three of the balls will be orange and the other 3 will be yellow. We will need to pick up 3 of the balls based on what the teacher tells us to get. (balls are the same ones used in the nothing but net competition if that helps) We will then have to bring the balls outside the box and place them in a bin.
Any ideas on how to pull this off?

This idea is unique and is seen on the nothing but net reveal video in 2015
Make to horizontal wheels side by side with the diameter of the ball as the distance between (add compression) and the concept is the two wheel (The green 3 inc rubber ones pref.) would spin in words while heading towards a ball, the ball will be compressed and pulled in, u can either add more wheels in a line side my side to pick up all the balls, pick up the balls and drop them in a container in the robot, etc.

look at ever ones single flyhweel design and make a mechanism like that…best way to describe is a tube like conveyor belt. Really simple, efficient, took me a 30 min to build and attach works great
dont u robotic arms…

Is there a size limit? If not you could make like a IQ bankshot scoop that picks up all of the balls at the same time. It could be as simple as a clawbot with a large platform for the scoop and wheel bars to keep it from tipping. Also how high is the bin? The other option is a toss-up style textlink text
If the bin is not tall there is no need for a flywheel.

The size limit is 18x18x18. We also need the robot to do other tasks as well, so im not sure if space on the robot will be an issue. To clarify, the bin isnt really that tall i think. Ill find out today, but i know for sure it isnt higher than the robot

Would the intake be able to grab only the ball we want? The balls are going to be somewhat close together, and Im donr want one we need to get stuck in a corner as well