Predictions on skills changes

What do you guys think on how they will or if they will change skills. What would you like to see in what they change. I just wanted to see what people were thinking and ideas about this situation.

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Honestly, I am not sure what they can do other than some drastic change such as a decrease in the time allotted to score. The nature of the game is going to make skills easy regardless of any sort of different positioning of the field. I know of no example where VEX has changed scoring rules (drastically) or the time specifically for skills.
One thing that VEX could possibly do is to add points for each second under the one minute limit when someone gets max points, though that would rely heavily upon the refs.

They should turn skills altogether into an online challenge! People have already gotten straight to work over at!



Woah, dude! That’s impressive

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make it to where u gotta start on red side

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These are my ideas,

  • Shorter time period

  • Possession limit

  • Different starting positions for balls to make scoring each one take longer


i feel point differential of blue to red balls scored could play a role for the top skills scoring teams. forcing those teams to de-score if they want to get an edge on others.


I don’t know about shorter time period. It seems easy, but everybody already got used to 1 min and all software is designed around it.

Possession limit sounds interesting, but enforcement may be uneven between tournaments, so a lot of people may start to complain if they think another team may have gotten away with cheating.

Different starting position may be what they do. They may ask to complete a special pattern when you would need to move the balls all the way across the field.

So people will have an interesting challenge to choose between strong and slow drive to carry many objects or weak but fast drive to dash around the field.


I think karthik skills will be implemented, that is, all balls score, but a color can only form rows with the same color.


The problem with that solution is that the current routes would still get a perfect score, because all the goals get filled up and all the top balls are red.

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It’s better to start on the red side… (the side with fewer red balls)

I am pretty sure we already discussed this in this thread:

Could I suggest a merge @DRow? The thread has been relatively inactive, but is the place of the initial discussion.

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driver has to wear a blindfold.


I think that they are going to make it so that every blue ball scored subtracts from your res balls scored.


i like that idea it makes teams have to focus on descoreing

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I definitely think that blue balls will play a factor in the revamp, whether descored blue balls add or subtract from the score. I also feel this may make certain robot design parts that could previously be seen as optional mandatory, such as a trapdoor. While cutting the time in half is a valid option in theory, that doesn’t really “fix” the original issue per say, as teams will be able to to just shave off time with enough practice, so descoring is the only way to add any “real” fix imo. Yes, there will be teams that will max out even with descoring balls, but I feel that number will be much lower, which is a good thing.


Well yes the descoring thing is a good idea but I have tried it that way before an it is kinda easy to. I did it once descoring all the blue balls then scoring the red. And that is just a sim. We people are able to build robots they will be much better than the one in that sim so I don’t think that would help very much.

Why not just put all 32 of the balls spread around the field, then score regardless of color.


That would arguably make it easier, as you wouldn’t have to worry about sorting the colors or anything, it would just be throwing them into goals.

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I’m honestly a fan of the idea that they’ll use normal skills rules to fill up double qualification spots for worlds (cause programming skills will probs be the deciding factor for those teams) and at worlds they’ll time how long the runs are and select the skills champion based on primarily highest score and then time to do the run. That way it’s easier to regulate cause it’s only one event.