Preload in TT

How do I do the preload without it getting in my way when flipping the rollers and tray in auton? We used to push it forward before going back again to flip and have the preload cube in alignment but it wastes precious time. Any new ideas? My rollers flip out from the top and goes down.

I think pictures or a video would be helpful.

If the rollers flip straight down, you can maybe put the cube in between the roller and flip down with them

Also, remember that you can place it off to the side of the robot, but still in contact wtih it. If you want you can even design strategies to use that block’s location, like pushing it into the goal before you try to collect for a quick point early season.

Or you can keep it off to the side of your bot and out of the way if you want to flip out, collect, return and score, and not have the block mess with it.

I am sure some others will find a way to use the preload on top of their lift with a reactive mechanism to score into a tower before collecting their towers.

There is way more you can do with the preload than you can do wtih the purple match loads. Those are basically worthless.

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