Preload interpretation

I have a doubt. Yesterday my robotics team participated in a tournament, in which the preload on the robot was not allowed by the referees, unless such buckyballs touch the field. Is this action legal or illegal? Do the refs are right?

I read the manual and it explains:

“Preload - The one (1) buckyball each team must place on the field Such That It is touching Their Robot and / or Their Alliance Starting Tile prior to each Match.”

“<SG2> Prior to the start of each Match, each Robot will have one (1) buckyball as a Preload available. A buckyball is Considered to be legally preloaded if it is touching the Robot or the Alliance Starting Tile and not touching any other foam tiles or the Bump”

The rules you cite do in fact state that the BuckyBall must be placed either

  • touching the robot and not touching the grey tiles or the bump
  • touching the colored starting tile, and not touching the grey tiles or the bump
  • touching the robot AND the colored starting tile, and not touching the grey tiles or the bump

The images that accompany SG2 are also helpful in the explanation.

Being that it is early in the season, it is understandable for the refs to make that mistake; I would recommend you politely bring up the concern with the head ref at the competition and if needed show them the rules that validate your point.

Thanks for the reply. The images are helpful, just need an image where the buckyball only touching the robot without touching the starting point of the alliance

I have another question. The rules state:

Can a robot from an alliance give their buckyball to the other robot in their alliance before the match and still have the match start?

Nope. You must either have it on your tile or your robot, not your partner’s.

If you really want your partner to have your ball, you can make an autonomous such that you score into your partner’s manipulator or tray.

I believe the ref training videos demonstrate all the acceptable and unacceptable preload placements. Since its made by VEX, can be treated as official rulings on such topics.

Very useful video. Thanks!