Preloads for Autonomous

Hello fine peoples,
My team was wondering if we are allowed to use preloads during the autonomous period, though there were some rules suggesting that the answer is no, they were not clear. Just wanted to make sure, hope I hear from you guys, thank you. I appreciate your help.

What were the rules that they could not be used? I don’t believe I’ve seen anything about this. Would you be willing to quote these rules?

No entirely sure whether you are referring to preloads on match loads but please read the game manual throughly. The relevant rules are SG2 for preloads and SG5 for match loads.

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If you are referring to match load (load in manually through the loader) , I think you should be able to load in during Auto. During previous seasons teams have use match load during auto

For preload, it must touch your robot before the auto starts

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According to screen shot post above showing rule SG6(a), it says ‘Match Load Discs may only be introduced once the driver controlled period has begun’.

For the autonomous period:
Preloads = Yes
Match Loads = No


Ok with that, I’m sorry I didn’t saw that part.

It is completely fine if you go on the rules document you can “cnt f” to search things like “autonomous” or “preload”

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