Preparing a presentation for the Excellence Interview at CMP

Could RECF please give more details on the suggested length of time for the required presentation portion of the 10 minute interview vs. the time allowed for the Q & A? Thank you.

Thanks for your question. I hope teams find the following guidance helpful:

  1. Teams will get a 10 minute interview slot by signing up online if they meet all pre-qualifications.

  2. Judges will happily listen to and watch any presentation that teams have prepared (and we definitely want teams to prepare).

  3. Judges will learn most about a team from question and answer, so preparing a 10 minute presentation may not be as successful as a 5 minute presentation leaving 5 minutes for questions/follow-up.

  4. The judges will not provide a projector, laptop, or any other visual devices for the teams to use. If a team has prepared a PowerPoint presentation, they need to bring the needed materials and budget time to set it up, etc.

  5. There are no specific requirements pertaining to what type of presentation should be given.