Presenting Battle At the Border- 2022 Signature Event

After many years of planning, we are pleased to announce that coming January 2022, Canada will play host to it’s first ever Signature Event, the Battle at the Border. This event aims to take signature events to the next level, elevating both the level of competition, and the production value that has come to be expected when an Event Partner is given this incredible opportunity. We have already seen dozens of questions on various social media platforms, so I thought I would take some time now to answer just a few of those questions.

This event will feature both a VEX IQ Challenge tournament, as well as a VEX Robotics Competition Event. The event will feature 2 independent IQ events, with Middle School and Elementary competing separately on our first day of competition. Days 2 and 3 will be host to our VRC Teams, as MS and HS teams compete in a blended tournament.

Our beautiful venue for this event is the Scotiabank Convention Center, home to an incredible 1000+ tiered seat theatre which will be our main competition venue over the weekend. In addition to this, 5 incredible ballrooms will ensure teams have avid pit practice, and skills space.

Located just 250 steps from one of the 7 Wonders of the World, teams will enjoy all that Niagara Falls has to offer, as we are actively partnering with Niagara Tourism to provide teams unique opportunities, and advantageous pricing on many fun activities in the area! With over 14,000 hotel rooms in the area, there will be plenty of options when it comes to your accommodation needs.

Over the next few months, our team will be putting together a series of videos to provide you and your teams with everything they need to make this event the most successful (and fun!) it can be. These videos will focus on topics such as “places to stay”, “things to do” and of course, you’ll get a peak behind the curtain at the amazing venue that you’ll be doing battle in!

We are thrilled to provide teams from around the world a chance to come visit the amazing Country of Canada and we hope to see many of you, in January 2022.

Check out the event trailer here

Feel free to leave any questions below and our project lead, James, will get back to them in due time!


As a Canadian living in the United States I would love to come up and maybe even see some family. However, living in Kansas it is a 15+ hour drive. Do you what the dates are? I likely won’t make it but I might if it is over the end of Christmas break.


Dates subject to change - current plan aims for the weekend of January 8/9


Oh well. Hope your event is a huge success.


What will be needed to cross the border for this event for the students? Are there exemtions for students competing or will a passport be needed? Students under 16 should only need proof of citicenship, but what about the 17 & 18 year olds? What is the cost?

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If the students in question are citizens of Canada, then they will most likely need a passport (as do most other travelers to Canada, which is pretty much common sense of you ask me). They will probably need what they usually need when they travel internationally. I suspect the cost will be announced once the event is finalized for next year’s season (and once the event is posted on Robotevents.


At this time, the Canadian border is completely closed to anyone from the US without a visa or Canadian citizenship.

It is more than likely that these regulations will have changed by the time this event rolls around, but nobody (including Canada) can tell you what’s going to happen for sure.

And yes, obviously, you will need a passport no matter what happens with covid regulations.


Please email the event partner for an official answer regarding entry to Canada. Email - [email protected].

Price, attractions, hotel packages, and additional info will be posted on the very first day of the new season, once 2021/22 competitions go live on robotevents.



Cool! but I dont think this is the first canadian signature event. There was a Canada Cup last season i think

Cancelled due to corona :frowning:


Canada cup wasn’t a signature event. It also didn’t happen. And funnily enough, we are the Canada cup LOL. Official name is Canada Cup: Battle At the Border. We are partnering with the previous Canada Cup EP’s to form a committee for this event :slight_smile:


Just to clarify, this is not for this season, but for the next season?


Can we reserve spots for it yet?

Yes, this is for next season, and no, spots can’t be reserved yet. From what I’ve heard I’m assuming registration will open up fairly soon after worlds.

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Uhh, is it canceled?


Thank you.
Also what server is this from?


Thank you for the link.

I have yet to find a satisfactory VIQC discord server.