Presenting: Old 86868 Match Videos

Hey everyone! Some of you may remember team 86868 (The Resistance); many of you may know us from 2017 Worlds. Anyway, we’ve been retired for about 2 years now. Feeling nostalgic and perhaps a little bored due to the pandemic, my brother Dylon has been posting some of our old match videos from Starstruck, In the Zone, and Turning Point to his YouTube account.

I wanted to take this opportunity to share these videos with all of you – perhaps you want to see what our earlier robots looked like, or maybe you’re feeling a bit nostalgic too :slight_smile:

Anyway, here’s the link to the channel. The videos were just uploaded, so they should be at the top.

And here’s some of my favorites among the videos uploaded so far:

Google tournament finals match: Google VEX Starstruck Tournament #2 F 1-2 - 10300 86868 vs 315 315A - 41 to 4 - YouTube

Finals match at Central Coast (Cal Poly): California Central Coast VEX Starstruck F 1-3 - 86868 93063A 1437X vs 7983B 986B 563Y - 38 to 5 - YouTube

Finals match at Tracy: Tracy Triangle VEX Robotics Tournament F 1-2 - 5369 86868 8000B vs 5776 5776T 824C - 31 to 16 - YouTube



You guys have been amazing!

Just wish we have more opportunities to work together.


Wanted to mention that we recently posted the first match we ever competed in: Santa Clara Fair Starstruck QF 1-1 - 86868 7700R vs 315Z 4768C - ? to 4? - YouTube

Notably, both red alliance teams (86868 and 7700R) made it to Round Robin that year.

@meng Thank you for the kind words. The Pacific Ocean can be such an obstacle to collaborations :laughing:


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