Pressing button to start autonomous

Is it legal to be holding a button on the LCD down before the match starts, so an autonomous starts when the autonomous period starts?

Why not just have a menu system directed with the LCD Screen so you don’t have to do that…

Are you using EasyC or RobotC? If you look at the RobotC code I posted yesterday when we were fighting the same issue and make the change that 2158 suggested it works perfectly. We are now able to choose the autonomous we want when we power the cortex on. I am sure more savy programmers have even better examples that would work for you as well. There were some good links posted as answers to my question that would help you do it in EasyC as well.

We have a non-standard autonomous program, so it would be hard, but possible to change over. I would just like to know if holding a button down is legal before spending all of the effort to change it.
Also, we are using RobotC.

Assuming the robot is on your coloured tile, it’s legal. I’m just curious why this is the way you’re choosing to set an Autonomous mode when you have an LCD screen.

Your not allowed to touch your robot till autonomous starts.

Can we see the code? I really can’t imagine it being difficult…

I’m selecting the autonomous mode from the LCD


My team would kill me of I released our code

i dont think they would kill you. and is it really that good?

No offense intended, but I really doubt it if they can’t get a menu system to work.

Just get a potentiometer with some polycarb marked below it and program ranges for different autonomous modes. Simple and effective.