Pressure sensor

so the pressure sensor will be a sensor that plugs into an analog port that reads a voltage equivalent to the psi of the pneumatic tanks

That would be cool to have. You could then program a speaker to beep if the tank got lower than say 50 psi.

This would be awsome! It seems like almost every tournament at least once we go up to the next match and can’t remember if we pumped up the tanks or not. If we had a sensor like this the amount of air left in the tanks could just be output to the LCD screen so we could easily see if we pumped them up or not. The pressure sensor wold also be great for testing to see if there are any leaks. I could also see refs appreciating this so they could easily see if people are over the 100 psi limit.


Thank you for the product idea. As VEX grows, we are always looking to improve. VEX users’ feedback is key to pinpointing areas and ideas for improvement. VEX has been looking at various methods to keep track of pneumatic pressure more accurately than the air pump’s gauge. An analog sensor is one of the options that we are exploring.

Thanks for the feedback!

Do you mean air pressure or impact type presure

Air pressure, I think. That would be extremely useful.

Has anybody seen an analog pressure gauge that could be used in practice to see current pneumatic pressure? Not that plugs into an analog port, just a gauge.
I’m wondering if there is a way to make one out of other components using adapters.

Both would be useful

Impact pressure can be done pretty easy with a rubber band and pot. In all honesty so can a pressure sensor for air pressure.