Pretty hilarious NBN match

In case anyone didn’t see this… here. posted by my friend Liz

This thing’s pretty funny I’d say. Just putting it out here. Must read description!!!

Once I get done with finals I’ll be back on forum with more robotc related videos, I’m guessing. I missed VEX, kinda.

We missed you Martin!!

Can’t wait to see you back in the community :slight_smile: I need more videos to watch haha

Aren’t the goals supposed to be attached higher?
That way they could have pushed balls under the low goal.

The teams were intentionally scoring zero.
EDIT: I just realized the bars are actually attached incorrectly.

For those who are in the Vex Teams of the World facebook group, will know that it is actually a sad situation.
The teams were playing under protest and were trying not to score.

I am not very sure of the details and the reason behind the protest though :frowning:

In the description this is what was said as for the reason:

***"The judge misjudged one of the final matches for China Nationals of VRC on August 9th, 2015.
This is one the matches to determine the 3rd place (basically the 3rd place got send off for a misjudged foul). The teams weren’t going to play because the misjudging, but the judges threaten with expulsion from later competitions. The teams ended up scouring nothing as a protest.

One of the blue alliance robot was positioned horizontally, and the team kept putting the Driver Control Loads on the robot. The others were doing all kinds of silly things. The chief judge was wise enough to settle this mess in a clam way – let the teams went with it (the misjudged match was not judged by the chief judge)."**
I wish judges would pay more attention to the game and judging the match fairly, however, this is just my opinion from my experience and the situation that was laid out in this video. We had some misjudged matches last year that made us lose a few games. I am not saying in anyway that all judges are like this, but I am saying that the few referees that are misjudging the match is a problem in VEX that I have encountered. Anyone else had some problems with misjudging?

I mean there is a pretty blatant problem with how the event was run even without knowing the exact issues. The whole low goal is set up wrong, this is kind of ridiculous considering a whole scoring element is now being used completely differently from what the GDC wanted. As Samuel said the bars are so low nothing can get pushed under them.
For me this would be enough, however, I think the teams should have said something to the event managers about that. Again I wasn’t there maybe they refused to.

All the matches i have seen from China have low goals sat up like that. Maybe they have different rules, for example, I heard that robot cannot block the other team’s robot from going to back to loading zone in the last 30 second for high elevate.
These are just what I heard

Yeah, no, regions should not just make up their own game rules. The rules in the manual are the rules at worlds are the rules everybody should be following.