Prevent drive train axles from sanding out aluminum holes?

You could also use Delrin Bearings from Vex’s website.

This is actually a really good idea. You’d need a wrench to tighten it but it’d be completely worth it. Can we propose this idea to someone of authority? Or, this could be one a good idea to one of the online challenges… just sayin

If I ever actually learn how to do 3D animation’s I’d enter this in the product design challenge. It is a splendid idea, but I wouldn’t expect vex to make lock standoffs soon or ever.

The idea deserves its own thread instead of derailing this one. The discussion will help someone out, and hopefully is all eventually.

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buddy this thread has been off topic for like 50 posts, it seems to have morphed into a random building conversation thread. but I will make a post pitching lock standoffs, although Idk what it will accomplish.


it will fall into the same trap as “That Moment When”

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Just trying to fix it…

We must avoid summoning an angry DRow at all costs…

Uhhh… something about misaligned bearing tabs! Yeah… that should do it…

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Tbh I think it’s time for the thread to die.
We’ve kinda exhausted all options and details, so there isn’t really too much to say anymore

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Honestly thank you to all who took the time to help out in this thread- good luck to you and your teams!

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It might be time to succumb to @DRow ‘s wrath and have this thread locked. Otherwise this back-and-forth will just continue.

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