Prevent robot from unauthorized use?

V5 - Just curious if anyone has a way to stop ppl from driving their robot when they’re not around.

Seems some will pair their controller to our bot and take it for joy ride…

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Just take the controller with u or hide it. Or put the battery somewhere where they cannot find it.

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Maybe program it so that someone has to enter a code on the screen in order to get the robot started.


the situation is someone walking up and plugging their controller to your robot… too easy:)

Worst case is when sister team walks off with wrong controller and controls your robot when on field :slight_smile:


I mean, remove the radio? Make the brain language Chinese?


We did this by accident, and couldn’t reverse it for three competitions. Can confirm robot is still drivable/useable.

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But then they would either download a new program, or use the default drive program

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No, I mean something like an autonomous selector where you have buttons on your screen or numbers on the screen and have to do them in a certain order to get the robot moving. It would be like a screen lock.


they use their controller & battery

good idea - no idea where to begin - it would have to load upon brain boot - not in program slot…

Take the brain and Label the wires

From what i see the problem is:
A sister team or other fools are plugging the robot into your controller and driving it.

Since you can plug into any brain to controll the robot and since V5 has the automatic drive bit several solutions wont work.
The worst solution is to take your brain with you but that is a huge mess and hassle.
So what you could do is: Hide controller(Wont work of people hijacking have controllere)
hide the batteries(wont work if hijackers have batteries)
The best solution is locking up your robot or getting your mentor involved to stop it.


I would just get a bike lock or some other kind of lock and loop it through all the wheels or anything else you can loop it around.


what worries me is if they’re rude enough to joy ride - locking it such may make them angrier and they’ll burn-up the motors.

Guess a lock box is best solution so far b/c our mentor is seldom around enough to catch this…

Lock box or get your mentor or an admin
Get video
This is afterall about 2k of expansive electronics systems that the school paid for.
Schools dont like that getting broken
Let the admin know.
Do yall meet in an open area? You want only robotics people to come into yalls area to do robots. Are the hijackers other robotics people?

stalk each member and when they get off of their bus, you know what to do :wink:
or you could just put the robot in a cabinet and lock it in the cabinet. Maybe you could also put the robot in a locker.

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Lock box is probably the way to go, I don’t know what you currently use to transport your robot but most commercial crates have a lock slot, and if you have a home made wooden one then it would be fairly easy to outfit it with one. Unless your case is pretty high grade then people could potentially brake into it but usually locks are good enough deterrents. Also you might want to stop this at the source and find/confront the people who are doing this. That is not acceptable and should not be allowed to continue.

First of all, why in the world are you allowing your robot unattended in competitionn (If this is the reason why you want to prevent unauthorized use)? Instead, always have someone watch the robot, problem solved! Now, during class, when you’re not using your robot lock it up and you’d be good.


it’s sister team(s) at school - we have 5 teams so really no place to lock it up

yes, they’re fellow ‘teams’ doing the damage - one flaunts it and confronting them they say ‘just kidding’