Prevent Whitescreen?

Hey, I made a speedbot named Mylo (very important detail, I promise) It has white screened 2 times in the span of 2 days. Is there any way I can prevent that? Thanks, mates.

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White Screens of Death on the V5 are caused by Electrostatic Discharge (ESD). The top suggested ways to prevent white screens are using anti-static spray on your field tiles, not having “floating metal” on your robot, and asking @Bob_Mimlitch_III nicely about why they haven’t added TVS diodes to the ports on the brain.

Until then, while practicing you can use BLRS’s ESD protection boards.

They are not competition-legal, but they can save your ports while practicing and help prevent white screens.


What defines “floating metal”?

A chunk of conductive mechanism electrically insulated from the rest. For the ultimate example, look up Van de Graff generators

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Ill send a picture of Mylo in a bit, could you tell me what is wrong then (I really need specifics)

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