Previous Season Skills Rankings

Is there a way to check the skills rankings for previous years on

I don’t believe you can see in on robotevents, however you can see them here:

Was vexdb canceled? They don’t have any seasons past tower takeover.


It seems like it was. If you are looking for change up scores I don’t know off the top of my head how to get those.

I was, but thanks for helping anyways.

So many people had perfects that year that it wouldn’t be as fun to go back and see as other years

How many people had perfect scores in both categories?

There were 8 at worlds alone and that doesn’t count any teams that had perfects who didn’t go to worlds. (since it was virtual)

You mean in both driver and programming skills?

Naah, we only perfected the driver skills that’s all.
Couldn’t get perfect for programming.


Right before switches over to the next season for skills rankings, maybe someone should go though and save the current skills rankings, so that people can reference them in the future. Not many people will need them, but they will be nice to still have.

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The RobotEvents API allows one to query previous seasons


Thanks! I used the Wayback Machine and was able to get my answers.