PRHS Qualifier: Results



Excellence Award:

Judges Award - Team Spirit

Judges Award - Best Robot

Pictures and video will be posted later.

  • Sunny

Team 1177 and 1261E (my team) were very good, but both robots encountered crippling problems in the finals, some of which includes stuck claws, and a motor wiring coming out of the microcontroller port. We defeated 1235B, 1235’s twin, in Semi-Finals.

  • Sunny

Thanks for the kind words Sunny, we were please you guys selected our team even though the rankings showed us finishing in next to last place after the qualifying rounds. That truly shows that a good bit of all of this is the luck of the draw in the matchups.

By the way… can you explan how after we whipped up on 1235 & 3536S as the score shows in this picture, how come we lost that last match…!:wink:
SHIRT High Score at PRHS.jpg

congrats to you guys, i was very happy to hear thing are still goin strong.

Hahahha. I have to say though, that has to be a new high score. :smiley:

Congratulations Sunny!

Outstanding job. You had a lot of very happy campers.

Now we just gotta figure out how to stop those crazy catapults …

Here’s a video of the 2 sister catapults going head to head. One had an experienced driver, the other an in-experienced driver - look at what a difference it makes … They ran against each other several times, did not ever play with each other - that would have been ridiculous …

Attached are some pictures of the infamous SUNNY - you can see the terror in his eyes as he faces down the catapult … (Sunny is in the gray shirt, and blue jeans)

Hmm… looks like the pictures didn’t take in the past post - let’s try again …
sunny 2.jpg
sunny cat2.jpg

Augh…that 1st picture is so awkward. :D.

The second two pictures are me in the final rounds as I watch everything that can go wrong, go wrong.

I watched the video and saw the more experienced driver put 13 footballs over the wall in 120 seconds. They also sent two white balls out of bounds.

I would guess that it averaged about 6 seconds per football. That is pretty good. It is also vulnerable to the right sort of opposing strategies.

It will be fun to watch the strategies evolve.


Wow… I had totally forgotten about all the previous years alliances between our two teams. Particularly the one at Devry Univ. when it what still FTC.

Thanks for reminding me…

Not sure if Sunny posted this elsewhere, but since this appears to be the place and they’re not here, so I’m posting the link here.

Here are some pictures from the event. I just got the video a few days ago, so I still have some compressing to do so they’ll be on YouTube in a few days (at best). If not, I’m sure Sunny will poke me to death (maybe).