Price Comparison of Aluminum Kits

With the different aluminum kits and multi packs available, some people might have looked at them and wondered which is the best value. At least I did, so I decided to figure out exactly how the prices for each work out.

What I found out was that the kits, while useful to have a nice assortment of different parts, aren’t as good of a value as the individual multi packs (you also need to consider whether you want an assortment of various parts or need just a specific type).

The pieces in the 25x25 Chassis kit actually cost the same as 35 long 1x2 C Channels and Angles, so the only advantage of this kit is the rails, however these could be cut out of angles or C-Channels to save money.

Also, the 1x25 bars cost more than double per hole than the 5x25 plates, so if you don’t mind cutting it makes much more sense the get the plates.
Sorry about the tiny image, please look at the PDF or click here to access the excel file.

Hopefully this information can be helpful, if you have any questions let me know. Also, as the note says, the prices for the structure kit are not necessarily perfectly accurate.
Aluminum Price Comparison.pdf (32.8 KB)
Aluminum Price Comparison copy.jpg

Thank you very much! Thank you for caring enough about the vex community to post this and not hoard it to yourself!

This is helpful/useful knowledge, thanks.