Prime Day 2022 - What robot related thing are you buying / recommending?

So the pre-pre-Prime sales are over and we are in the midst of pre-Prime Sales. Prime day is on Tuesday. What great robotics oriented item are you after this year?

I’m hoping to score some more Hexbug robotics kits for my home school families to help boost their interesting parts supplies.

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I was thinking about picking up some fancy tools. There are some cool Wera drivers on Amazon. Not really a justified purchase given it’s just a fancy screwdriver but if it’s on sale I don’t see why not.

I know we use tablets for scorekeeping, but does anyone actually use a tablet to code? I assume you would need at least a 10" screen, eh? But if someone swears by it and one comes up cheap enough I may give it a whirl…

For a myriad of reasons, I would suggest not buying a single thing.


That’s sounds horrible! 1) You don’t get a keyboard; typing must be really difficult or inaccurate, unless you can hover your fingers over the keys really accurately. 2) You can only see the code in what’s left of the screen after the keyboard hides half of it. I wish for a bigger screen when I’m typing on my Chromebook; I can’t imagine the misery of seeing only a few inches of code.


Im probably gonna grab some drill bits, some more rubber bands, and maybe a pair of tin snips


In the summer BC I taught a programming class for VIQ using Modkit on iPads and it was very successful. I haven’t done a tablet only after that since all the roboteers got Chromebooks

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Coincidentally, my bank account tells me “you can’t buy anything” as well😎


sounds like a skill issue or smth



My personal favorite air compressor for pneumatics is on sale