Print "READY" to your controller in pre-auton

The premise for this thread is that it’s difficult for referees to determine if a V5 robot is ready at the start of a match. There aren’t the same lights that a Cortex controller has to indicate a robot that is communicating with the field and ready to go. As an Event Partner I want all teams to be really, truly, ready when the match begins.

Have I missed any visual indications that a V5 robot is plugged into the field and has a program running? (Does the radio light blink rapidly or something similar?)

Teams should be able to use pre-autonomous to print “READY” to the controller, right? What would that look like? Bonus points for an easy to read “READY”… or a large check-mark… or something.


The controller will show a different screen when a program is running.

This would be typical Home screen, ie. no program running.

This would be screen when a program is running.

Also not the “Pause” symbol on the top status bar, that indicated field control is connected and disabled. It will change to a 'Play" (ie. triangle) symbol during driver control and a different icon during autonomous.

On the V5, the menubar will be blue when a program is running.

If the controller loses connection with the brain, the controller screen will turn red, it will turn back to white when connection is re-established. All of these events are recorded in the brain event log.

Good debug - but does not help the EP/Referee to be able to look across the field at the controller to know all systems are go compared to the visual feedback with the VEXnet Joystick which had better visual feedback at start of match.

Maybe binoculars :slight_smile: