Print To Screen

What does print to screen block do on easy c? Does it write the message on the computer screen? If so, how do I set it up so that the computer can write it?:confused: :confused: :confused: Please help me! I’m not too good at programing.(yet)

Check the EasyC help file.

The printf command (print to screen command) prints the data coming from either a sensor, motor, or other device. Here is a simple example.


    int x = 1;

    printf("variable x = %d", x); 'prints x out on screen


Should print out:

x = 1


Just drag in the print to screen module (it’s under program flow) and whatever sensor/whatever else you can use with it. Then download the program and under the same window where you click download your program, there should be something that says something like IFL loader or something. Use that. I think this is how you do it, but I would need a computer with easy c in front of me to be sure. Hope this works.

i figured it out you have to use the terminal window