Printed Notebooks being counted as Bound

If a team were to, say, have a coding or a strategy notebook on a computer document that was then printed to be put into sheet covers and then into a binder, would that be counted as bound according to the design award rubric?

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If you look at the judge guide here: on page 26

Five (5) points if notebook is bound. Notebook must have been bound before any entries were made in it.

Technically it doesn’t have to be bound but the team will lose points.


In this case, how do teams typically deal with printed out code in their journals? Do you glue all the code into notebooks?

Yes. This can demonstrate that the coding and build process were integrated.

You don’t necessarily need to put all code and all code iterations in the EN. Just representative sets.


Our programmer tapes the code into the journal and signs over the page edges.


Okay, thanks.

Our journal is a binder with 2 bound “daily journaling” books in the front and printed code in sheet protectors in the back. It’s like 100 pages of code.

This hasn’t affected us negatively so far, but we’ll consider changing it so it is all within the notebooks.


The way to tell if a notebook is bound is if someone can not easily take pages out without leaving tear marks or such. Like just a binder would not be bound, because someone could take pages out and replace them without anyone knowing. This is what one of the judges at a comp said to our team when we asked.


But binding 2 bound notebooks in a binder is fine

It’s likely that that is the norm in your area. It may be a little harder to compete at the worlds level, though, where that 5 points may make a difference.


I just don’t really feel like finding a way to glue or tape all the many sheets of code into the journal in a way that is cohesive with the rest of the entries at this point in the year. We like having that complete record of code there for judges to browse.


Okay, that makes sense. Notebooks in my region are kind of a joke. Thanks!

@Doer, @MichelleY. I know that you guys are crazy notebookers. Not everyone in Arizona is trash at notebooking.


Haha, yeah, I was just making a general statement about the vast majority of teams.


I take offense to that.

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