Printing to brain in ez

I have read all the docs on ez template in pros and all it says it how you print to controller, but i am wondering how you print to the brain in ez

I am also unfamiliar with brain-printing methods in EZ-Template.

That being said, there are methods built into PROS and VEX Code Pro that allow you to print to the brain screen.

A guide to brain prints in PROS can be found at

And one for VEX Code Pro at

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Easy Template is synonymous with PROS itself. You can use the documentation here → PROS: Documentation Home — PROS for V5 3.8.0 documentation

Inside of this documentation you can find the API for C++ here → Simplified Brain Screen C++ API — PROS for V5 3.8.0 documentation

Specifically inside of this API, you can find the command :
void print(pros::text_format_e_t txt_fmt, const std::int16_t line, const char* text, Params... args);

or for example:

    int i = 0;

       // Will print seconds started since program started on line 3
       pros::screen::print(pros::TEXT_MEDIUM, 3, "Seconds Passed: %3d", i++);

Credit to PROS for the example.

Best of luck

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