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Hey guys,

So to test my functions i use the print() statement and to print to the cmd i have to have the laptop connected to the robot at all times, but my computers ports and the brains ports are a little weird, the connection to the port is easily broken. So with little movement of the bot, the port easily disconnects and i cant read the values on the laptop screen until i restart the program.

So i wondering if you guys have any suggestions as to what i could do, or what you guys do to get values while the robot is moving?


Print to the brain instead of your computer.

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but then its fairly hard to look at the values and the brain when the robot is moving

You could always try saving the data to the SD card (not sure if v5 lets you do that yet) or putting the data in an array to look at later

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What programming environment are you using?

You should be able to connect your laptop to the controller instead of the Brain, and thus get your data log over a wireless connection.


The brain supports and sd card so you can make a text file and write the data to it. Generate a random number or something so it doesn’t always overwrite the same file.

I am using PROS, if there is a way to get the data over the controller, could you please tell me

The PROS terminal does not support output through the controller, afaik.

The main branch (the one that releases are built off of) of the CLI does not support wireless debug. However the branch feature/wireless-terminal does. You’ll need to clone that branch and install the CLI manually to get wireless debug working. Keep in mind that it is still in an experimental state and is not as polished or stable as PROS typically is.

Here’s a link to the branch of the repo:

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