Printing to console

I am trying to print a lot of values to my computer’s console in order to have a program that clones the driver’s movements, similar to this one by Sylvie: When I print to the console, a lot of the values get messed up. Making the delay longer(from 20 MSEC between prints to 60 MSEC) seems to fix this, however I want to have minimal delay for the program to be more accurate. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue? I am programming in Python currently, should I switch to C++ instead?

Here is a photo of the print issue:

Are you printing with a USB connection to the V5 brain or wireless via the controller ? The wireless connection has very limited bandwidth so C++ would probably not help.


Wireless via controller. That makes sense, thanks for the advice. In that case if I just find a way to send less data over the connection would it help? I’m going to try storing all values in an array and then intermittently sending them in (100, MSEC intervals).