Printing to Debug Stream on VCS

Hey guys,

My sister team is currently working on their autonomous which uses a recording program. In order to view the lists they’re working with, they wanted to know how print those lists to either the console or the debug stream, and do not know how to do that in VCS. Does anyone know what they could do? They would be happy to share the finished code with anyone who is interested.


As for debug stream printing, as far as i know it is not possible in VCS. However, there are other ways that data can be saved and stored onboard the robot, one in particular that is quite useful. That is all i shall say

you can use printf, that will send output to a second USB serial port that the brain has, but you will have to have a program to be able to connect to it and display the output. On OSX I would use a program such as screen and launch from the terminal.

I suppose ill save you the trouble of using a software to view information communicated via serial (For windows I think you could use TeraTerm if you want to go that route) and tell you that storing data for later is done much easier with an SD card…

Maybe share some details? It’s no fun just teasing the rest of us plebes that don’t know the secret sauce.

Ah, but I already DID give it you the secret sauce. The SD card is by far the best option when it comes to “storing numbers and values that you may need for later”, a big step up from printing those values to the debug stream, ain’t it? As for explaining HOW thats done, well now wheres the fun in figuring that out? I will, however, explain that it isnt always as easy as saving a value, because the built in Vex SD card functions only allow unsigned 8 bit integers, aka char, but an 8 bit integer would work because they are essentially the same thing, however, that means no negative numbers and no numbers higher than 255, unless you typecast the values you want to save which would take a bit of work depending on your number, or you can find some other way (probably mathematical) to encode your values.