Printing to the brain


I was curios on how to fix the following issues:

  1. Text when printing to the brain screen is too small. Is there a way to make the text bigger when printing on the screen?

  2. Text on the screen is pretty annoying to read. Is there a way to highlight that text and make it easier to read?


Basically you just set the font and the size is the number.

description from Vexcodev5

Brain Screen Set Font

Sets the style and size of font used on the V5 Brain’s screen when printing numbers or text.


How To Use

There are two different types of fonts available on the V5 Brain’s screen:

  • Monospaced (Mono) - each character takes up the same width.
  • Proportional (Prop) - each character takes up different size widths based on the character.

Choose which font type and size to use. You can select from the following font options.

  • mono12
  • mono15
  • mono20
  • mono30
  • mono40
  • mono60
  • prop20
  • prop30
  • prop40
  • prop60

The new font size will be used for any future text written to the V5 Brain’s screen.


Thanks so much!
Would you happen to know if there is a feature for highlighting text that is printed to the brain?

You can use Brain.Screen.setFillColor(); to set the highlight color and Brain.Screen.setPenColor(); to set the text color.

You can find all of this information on the VEXcode API reference website: VEX Help