Printing to Two Controllers

I’ve recently begun working with two controllers, and I wanted to print out different information to both to take advantage of the increased screen space. However, I found that you can’t simply print to one and print to the other on the next line, or else only the master controller will show anything. You have to have a delay between of, in my experience, roughly 100ms. Both PROS and OKAPI setText methods behave this way. Does anyone know if there’s an easier way to print to two controllers simultaneously?

Unfortunatley not. Due to the nature of VEXnet, the brain can only set data packets to the controllers once every 50 ms. As each data packet can only update one controller, this means that sending data packets to update both controllers screens will take at a minimum 100ms.

The only way I can think of to get around that is to use a wired connection between the brain and controller, although that wouldn’t be able to be used during a competition. Hope this helps!