Printing Vex Code Field Strips?

So I got gps sensor off ebay because my state just announced that field strips will be at all tournaments during play. The field code strips haven’t arrived yet from vex though and with how things are I don’t know how long they will take.

Is it possible to print out the field strips and tape them on? If so can someone link me to where to find what to print out?

So I got gps sensor

Have you considered odometry? It’s more accurate. You also might want to use it instead because you can’t test with your gps and whatnot until you either have the strips delivered or printed.

Can’t help with printing the strips, sorry. I doubt that’s even a thing since they are strips, after all, and much longer than a sheet of paper.

Yea I have odometry, but were trying to make a smaller bot and don’t really have room for the wheels anymore. I also did not know that odom was more accurate, thanks for letting me know.

What makes odometry more accurate than GPS?

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I believe that one issue is with how the sensor senses. While the robot drives around, its distance and angle at the walls change, which can interrupt how it sees them.
Different fields can also have slight variations on the precise placement of the strips.
Most importantly on the sensor side, if it loses sight of the tape, it freaks out and doesn’t know what to do, so that’s a risk when using gps.

Regardless of how well the gps sensor works, odometry is a better option because it maintains constant contact with where it gets its data(the ground), and even if a break ocurred, it wouldn’t throw everything out of wack.
It also doesn’t rely on vision/scanning tech like the gps sensor; it just measures rotations, which is much less complicated and prone to failure.

Really, the best pro for gps is that it’s small and compact, and the best for odometry is that gets positional data much more safely than the gps.


if there is a way to do it without having a special printer that can print 12’ long segments, then i have never seen anything about it and don’t know how to do it. I would suggest asking a local team if they have some you can borrow until you get yours from vex.

i will agree with everyone else in this topic though, the gps sensor can be fairly inaccurate, and odometry would probably be better, but its up to you to decide what you do

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I’m not so sure on this. We’ve got 2 GPS sensors and they work down to the centimeter (or better). They are also tolerant of obstructions between them and the code strips (bots/etc).

The distance and angle changes, yes. That’s how you calculate where you are. Math.

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I’d bet a dollar that a place that makes outdoor signs could copy the strips. They would need to be CLEAN to feed through a scanner though.