Prior Year Game Elements

What do teams who purchase full field elements wind up doing with old game elements? I’m currently tucking ours away in my basement, but it seems unlikely that we’ll ever use them again (in spite of intentions to do so…). I’m in a bit of an unusual anti-hoarding mode…


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My team usually signs the game elements and we’ll give one to each team member, so we can keep it as a souvenir. As for the goals and other stuff, we either save them or throw them away.


You willing to sell some of those vex mats or vex perimeter to someone? There is no way my team is going to be able buy those things from vex, way to expensive

Some of the elements we give away to team members. I got a Starstruck cube last year that our mentor had stored away. One of my best days of Vex. We usually raid the field on the last days of club so we have game elements as mementos.

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You could recycle them into something fun. My teammate turned them into paintball targets, but you could send them to a recycling plant or make something new with them. Best for them not to go to waste though.

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Every year our team has a booth at the Monroe County Fair, and we set up an exhibition at Bowling Green State University’s “STEM in the Park event” and we give them out as “prizes” to kids who drive our robot obstacle course.


Some of the game objects could be reused, like the ITZ cones or the NBN balls (maybe for PE classes). But signing them and giving them away to the team members is a good idea too.

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i swear we have a thread dedicated to this exact topic

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