Prioritize Caps, or Flags?

Hey, I’m Marshall from 11761B Blaze, and I was I saw how the flags and caps scored both 1, or 2 points each in Turning Point; so I was wondering, for robot specialization or a game situation, would it be better to prioritize the caps, or flags?
Thanks in advance

The precision needed for the flags will be hard, as someone who played NBN. I’d recommend focusing on caps till you can find a precise launcher.

That was what I was most likely going to do, and thanks for the advice. I also believe that stacking the caps will be easier than having a launcher… and you don’t need a launcher for the low flags.

Flags are worth one more point but caps are easier, focus on caps and park and you should win early season

I would focus on the caps personally because if you can stack them onto the poles around the outside of the field its worth as much as a flag and its much harder to descore.

You should do both. But caps are more important because you can bump the lower flags so it’s like having 12 points if you can reach the poles, 2 additional points from the ground tippers, and 3 additional points from the bottom flags, versus 12 points from top/middle flags and potentially 3 flags on the bottom. So 17 potential points from only scoring tippers with lifting ability and 15 potential points through flags alone. Of course will also need to win autonomous, and shooting the pre-load seems like a pretty easy and consistent two points to me, while more work will need to be done with tippers. Autonomous will make the difference between the two

@Randor4478 I completely agree. Autonomous this year is going to be life and death considering the fact so few points can be scored this year compared to last year.

I would love to do both, but I do not yet know how I am going to fit it all, because I am planning on using a dr4b, which would take up most of the 18x18 which I am planning on staying in for the most part… so now it I could get any tips on that that would be great XD

You’re rd4b shouldn’t be so large as to take up most of your cube. Remember that you only need to lift to like 40"

I think it would be very cool to see a team that focuses ONLY on flags in the early season. I think that they could be the next “mobile goal bots” where they excel in getting flags where many people will have trouble with. If you can do flags very efficiently, I bet other teams won’t be able to get the flags reversed and could actually win you every game. Since no one can turn them over, you will have a guaranteed 12 points provided that you can get all of them.

Except mobile goal bots took just about no skill to get functioning efficiently.

I do think teams will attempt to focus flags, but this is very different than mobile goals. A simple mobile goal lift was very easy to build, but being able to consistently hit the flags will prove to be very difficult. I think that the middle/lower class robots will be cap bots or wannabe flag bots, but only the more so upper level teams will be able to build a consistent flag bot