Priority list strategizing

As STAR and SingVex have proven, turning point matches are wild and unpredictable. Thus, I have created a priority list of what to do based on swing points for each action:

1.Center parking, 12 point swing
2.Shoot 2 flags, 8 point swing
3.Flip cap on a post, 4 point swing
4.Flipping low cflag, 2 point swing
5.Flippung low cap, 2 point swing
6.Score cap on post, 1 point swing

Of course in match situations such as crowding around the low flags and of course your particular robot design should influence your particular priority list, but hopefully this is helpful in determining what strategy to pursue in match

This is a good list to get a basic strategy of how end game should be. However, there are a few things missing/ possibly inaccurate.
Flipping low cap of opposite alliance and placing on a post: 3 points
Shooting 1 high flag: 4 point swing
Possibly inaccurate
Center parking is a bit more complicated.
Push off opponent and center park: 12 point swing(you go from alliance park to center 3 points, alliance alliance parks for three points, push off opponent for 6 points
Center parking: 6 point swing: you park for +3 and your alliance parks for + 3
Double center park: +3 points from 1 center and 1 alliance park
There are still more possibilities from the center parking aspect but it gets complicated.

Fair enough though I would argue that in flipping a low scored cap and scoring it onthe posts you first flip it and then need to reanalyze whether or not to score it