Private message migration plans

On the old forum I had approximately 980 private messages archived. When close to hitting the 1000 message limit I would delete the oldest 100. I understand that admins are migrating private messages to esoTalk, my concern is that each private message will become a private conversation. My suggestion is that private messages are migrated into a single (or perhaps two, one for inbox, one for outbox) conversation that only the user can see. This will help eliminate the clutter that would occur if each message is migrated individually. If my understanding is incorrect, perhaps admins could explain what the plan is.

Hi James,

Thanks for your suggestion. We’re going to follow the esoTalk methods (normal threads restricted to a subset of users) closely so that everything migrates to Flarum easier when that time comes.

As permissions are on a per-thread basis, if we put all PMs into one thread, everybody on any past PM with you would see all other PMs. In the meantime, I would suggest using the search tool as an alternative to finding particular PM’s. For example: “#private + #active last 3 days” would show you your most recent PM’s. Sorry for any clutter that this may cause. There has to be at least one downside of being a VEX rockstar. :slight_smile:

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Then perhaps only migrate PM’s from the last three months. Most old PMs will never need to have the conversation continued.