Private team help

So I have no team going into high school because my high school only provides FRC and I wanna continue VRC. So my kind father started planning for private team. If you have any advice like money wise or how to register a team or teams than please help out to the best of your abilities.

Thank you!


Try to find Sponsors. I would ask @Doctortictac since he is a private team and he is good.

Good luck to you.


This may sound strange, but an entry fee really help the team run smoothly.

  1. the people will be more motivated because they have some skin in the game.
  2. the money helps you be able to keep moving on the robot instead of focusing on fundraising so much.

My first making a private organization we tried to keep it free for people coming in, which seems noble at first but brings in so sorts of issues. So much money for parts came out of pocket for my family and it got really stressful meanwhile many of the members that came in didn’t really care at all.


Not financial advice, but as a private team myself, I can guarantee you that summer is absolutely essential. I didn’t have time over summer to do anything and I suffered a lot for it by having an absolute joke of a season

Also, plan ahead and have a schedule. It’s a lot harder to rebuild when it’s only you.


Registering is easy, go to and create a login, then create a team.

  1. Start fundraising now in two directions:
    a) Parts, registration fees ($150) and event fees you need for next season. Look at last seasons events in your area to get estimated costs. Include going to your worlds qualifier event.
    b) Plan now for Worlds. Line sponsors up now to have money available. Set them up so as you win event after event they will see progress and contribute to the outcome.

Since your school does FRC (for 10 times the budget you have) you need to jump now on those funding sources. You’ll start showing up in September to be told “Sorry, we already gave money to a robot team”

Being the lone person on the team is hard, there is no sharing of the work (robot build, strategy, game play with a coach is easier because you double the eyes on the action) etc. Can you find someone else to partner with?

Good luck!


Semi-related question, as I might or might not have a team next year:

How often are the new-team grants given out, and how hard would it be to qualify for/receive one?

There is no set schedule for dispersion of RECF new team grants.

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The more people you have for your private team the better.

Make sure you only have people on your team that are committed and ready for the cause.

I’m gonna make a guess based on the username, but I’m pretty sure the area your from has the bulk of private teams because of how your HS runs FRC.

In fact, one of the better HS teams in our area had the same issue and they were a private team.

I started one for the kids I mentor because their MS program was wholly inadequate and trying to work with the school was a hassle.

Make sure you have one or more parents on point with the financials now. It gets expensive. The parents also need to think of getting the process for a business entity started, to eventually go for things such as a non-profit designation.

Depending on where you’re from, you can PM me for more location specific information.


Agree. You may want to reach out to independent teams in your area. I have a pretty good idea of where you are (Bull Run / Battlefield). If you really want to start a new team, there are many teams in the area that can give you info about expenses and such (Expect up to $10k in start up costs). If you are willing to join an existing team, there are probably teams that are open to taking you on.


I started up my team from scratch with only 5k, so it definitely is not going to cost 10k.

Learn CAD. It will save you a lot of money, since you will know 3xactly what to buy. It also makes the design process much easier.


We were told last year that they were only available to teams associated with organizations (like schools). This was inconsistent with what others had, but it was late and we needed to get started so we really couldn’t pursue it further.


The first step is to get a team together. From there it’s problem solving, which never goes out of style.

The folks above correct that you need adult mentors and to get your teammates invested.

Our teams have done sponsors and old school fundraising. Fundraising was harder work but we made more. Look up Eagle Scout fundraising projects for ideas.

There is a good thread on the coaches Facebook group that has the listing of parts needed to start. You can get a far way with $3-4K or so (excluding worlds). The field and elements add a lot to the cost but if there are teams in your areas you can share with, you may not need it immediately.

If you get started now and add 3-4 folks to your team, you can raise it before summer is out. Sweat equity from fundraising helps to get teammates invested.

Also, reach out to VRC coaches and Event partners locally. They will help you succeed.

Keep coming back here too. Many non-school teams are here to help.


If you want to save money, plan ahead, a lot. Cadding a design in advance can help you have a good idea of what you need, so you don’t spend too much on parts. Also, keep an eye on kits, such as the V5 competition starter kit, as these allow you to get the V5 system for less, with a bunch of other stuff as a bonus. Be careful though, and try to pick a kit with the highest percentage of parts that are useful to you if you buy one.

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I recommend trying to stay part of the FRC program as a VEX team. I have seen a lot of VEX teams break off from their FRC teams and it usually ends badly. I would be happy to discuss further if you want to start a direct message.

There’s a lot of internal and external politics with this particular FRC team and VEX Robotics that make this situation not tenable.

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Trying to start a team at your school is usually better than being a private team. I’ve been a one man team since starstruck and I can tell you it’s not as fun as having teammates. Thankfully I might have some teammates next year. Funding is also difficult as a private org. I started out with about 2k of parts and started buying more and eventually got enough funding for a field. Like many others said, Cadding helps a lot because you only buy what you need. to get funding you can hold bake sales at various places (Schools, Churches, Mosques, Etc.) Sponsors will also bring in a bit of money. If you are old enough to, you can get a summer job and after a few weeks you’ll most likely have enough funds to start. If you have teammates you can all get a summer job and after 2 weeks or so you’ll have enough funds to start.

Unfortunately, the chances of starting a VEX team at that high school is about zero. You are either FRC or have a private team. And if you interview for the FRC team, don’t say the word VEX during your interview or you won’t get on the FRC team. I know it’s not the same everywhere and probably seems crazy for people that aren’t involved (seems crazy to me!), but it is the reality of the situation. The OP can either start a new Vex team, join an existing team in the area or give up on Vex and join the FRC team.


I can back up this claim. This school has a wonderful FRC team but they refuse to tolerate VEX in any way whatsoever. My recommendation would be to contact local teams if you’re willing to join an existing team. If you are actually in the Battlefield area, feel free to PM me on the forum or discord. I’m currently recruiting members for next year and we’re also in the Battlefield area.