Prizes for Worlds

Does anyone know if there are any awards for winning World’s other than a pat on the back and a trophy?

Eternal glory

Bragging Rights
World Recognition

Don’t you qualify for next year’s worlds? In addition to a trophy.

One hell of an item for your college resume.


Qualifying for Worlds this year does not qualify you for next year’s Worlds. Winning the overall Excellence Award at Worlds, plus a few others, will qualify you for next year’s Worlds.

Uh yeah, that’s what he’s saying…

How do you know World champs doesn’t qualify for 2018 worlds and that excellence does?

you get cool medals too:
Divison Quarter/Semifinalists are awarded bronze medals
Division Finalists get silvers
and Division winners get gold medals
after that its just the red trophy and the glory

The honor of being feared by all other teams for next year’s game

If you look at the worlds event page you will see which ones will qualify for worlds the next year.

But then that would be none