Problem? :) A first for VEX?

So yesterday I competed with my wallbot at the Northern New England Championship, and for my second match something happened to me which I never thought was possible…

What are your thoughts on this? Oh, I think 40c, the team who is inside of me was disqualified for entanglement.

I saw this happen at my last tournament. There was a wall bot and a robot simular to that one in the interaction. The other robot tried to run into the wall bot to block in and it unfolded on top of it.

They were trying to roll over me, it would have worked also, because I was still able to drive, we just ran out of time.

Maybe if you had a lot of torque, you could have simply assimilated the tipped robot into the wall.

Yeah that was 40 c. I was their coach when that happened lol First time i have ever seen that happen

well here is how it’s like at my first glance lol

Got enough wheels on your robot? :smiley:

Nope :slight_smile: I’ll be doing a full reveal this week. I know alot of teams like/hate this wallbot. Whenever I went to the queing table “Oh crap… its the wall…”

Haha yeah, It made my day. Because of that, Wallie is going to stay, and hopefully next years game will need a wallbot :slight_smile: I have some BIG changes for it if it does.

hahahah, I was laughing so hard. I was like, VEX Forum… people need to see this!

Anyone interested can see the video here:

That is Very Funny… Looks like Entrapment to me… The Embrace of Death!!!

When I first saw the picture I thought it was all one robot. “wow that wall-bot is a monster! :eek: How does it fit within the 18? :confused:” haha.

But that is quite funny. Hopefully that never results in a DQ for you guys. Oh, and nice robot!

the difference between this situation and the one portrayed in the youtube clip is that the wallbot was on the verge of getting dq’ed for entanglement not the other robot. unlike this situation were it is not the wallbots fault.

Haha, If it was all one robot, I’m sure that would be pretty much an unbeatable robot.

Yes, 40c’s lift stopped working, or something, so they tried to go over me, but my wires stopped them I’m guessing

do you have any vids of this robot in action??

Not yet, I will be getting them soon though, later this week!

Actually, if some college team made a pair of robots that combined, Voltron-style, they would win everything ever.

It seems as if you have been looking at my plans for next year

I have though actually considered this idea quite seriously, Im hoping that the starting positions for an alliance are right next to each other like they were in bridge battle, elevation, and clean sweep. That way combining would be faster and simpler.