Problem at Pid Controller in RobotC

Hi We wanna do pid controller we did in the ev3 (by the help of builderdude35 in Youtube) and we would like to transfer it to RobotC but we are facing about steering I mean robot can successfully find the best steering value but we couldn’t find a special move steering block in RobotC in order to make robot moved Can anybody helps us? Thanks in advance.

(p.d We are using RobotC for ev3)

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For steering you would send that output value into the motors individually. For the left motor you pass the value in, and then for the right motor you send the negative (output * -1). (Could be vice versa depending on what motor is reversed).

You are basically just replicating the process of what that steering block does.

Thanks for your answer but I have a question For example when we say 75 in ev3 that means go straight with 45 degree too right How can we adjust it According to your solution it should be rightMotor 75 leftMotor -75 but that makes robot to spin I am sorry if I misunderstood but Could you explain it a little bit more with examples

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Assuming speed = 80, pid output = 5, then left speed = 80 + 5, right motor = 80 - 5.

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